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The Juilliard Experience

This video is about Mary Schaffer working as a an intern at the School of Juilliard. While I went to go and retrieve the interviews and b-roll, Mike went to go retrieve the photos. It took us about four hours to edit the whole thing with an additional hour to fix any of the suggestions made from the rough draft discussion. Mike was the one handling Final Cut Pro, while I “directed” what we should put in the video to create the story we wanted. In the end though, we both edited the final outcome to make it better than what it was before.

We fixed the jump cuts with pics and b-roll which was a challenge at first, because the video was already created but we figured out how to add in additional material without ruining any of the video.

I have to say we both made a great team in getting this done, and both him and I agree that this has been the best video both him and I have made.

Kelly final audio and photo

This video was challenging for me. The first time was doing I realized that I didn’t render any of my files and then when I went to go do final edits I realized my whole file was corrupt and I had to start all over. I know my audio is a bit messy and I was having trouble fixing the messy spots, but I know now that I need to save a copy of the audio file so I can go fix it.

Even though I took a ton of pics I still didn’t have enough shots to go with my story, which is why I have some blank parts where she’s just talking. The photos were hard to begin with because I didn’t have the essentials I wanted like a soccer ball or an actual soccer team to shoot with her playing. She sent me some pics of her and her old team mates so I used some of those to help with the story.

In the end I still had trouble because YouTube decided to not work so I had to improvise and use Vimeo, which took an additional hour for me to upload onto the blog.

After doing this first video project I know what to do for my next video project. I know that I need to prepare a storyline so I know what I want to do with pics, audio, etc. I’ll be sure to get a clear idea of my story so that i can appeal it with my photos.

Photo Roll- Kelly

this was a bit tricky being that i wasn’t able to actually go to a soccer field to shoot this. Had we been able to go to one we could of used soccer nets for the patterned photos you suggested or made things a bit more believable for the interview video. I am hoping to use some of her team photos and her playing back in the day so i can capture more action to add to the piece. there was only so much i could without being able to go to one of her soccer games or be able to go with her to a soccer field where she could just mess around with a soccer ball.

this on I got down on the ground for and focused in on her feet which made the background blurry
this one i also got down on the ground. but this time made the foot nearest to me more focused than the one in the furthest away
I bent down for this one and angled it from above. this is of her posing akick she would do on the field.
this one i did the same thing as the one before it but in stead of focusing on the foot nearest to me I focused on the action of the foot furthest away.
I had her run away from me showing her do exercises she would do on the field.
this one is the same as before but further away.
I had her look directly at the camera and do a small smile. she was about a couple feet away from me.
this one i had her “show off” her jersey and smile. I stood on top of my toes to get a better angle. I like how she has to look up to the camera.
I had her some motion kicks that she would do if she really did have a soccer ball. I was far back for this but zoomed up close with a different lens
here i had her do the same things. I was hoping to get a bit creative and photo shop the soccer ball in the pic. We didn’t have a soccer ball to shoot with.
here i just shot her getting ready for action. her un-bagging her cleats and getting ready to put them on. I liked the shadow silhouette in the background. I stood where the sun was behind me and tried to stand clear of capturing my own shadow.
Here i had the sun highlight her Jersey number to grasp the bright color of her jersey that you couldn’t really see before in the shade in other pics.
this one i had her flirt with the camera a bit posing again with the sun on her back to grasp the colors. I was also able to get a little shadow of her on the ground
this her putting on her cleats getting ready to go out on the field. I shot this from above on my tip toes.
this one i was main hall for. i shot this through a window from the second floor.
this here i had her stretching, doing warm ups, while i shot around her getting different angles. I had to work with the sun and make the best of it
here i was far away and zoomed in. I let the light hit her actions so as to bring attention to it.
here i was also far away but zoomed in with a different lens. I believe i was about 40 feet away. i had the sun shine on her to get the shadow to her right and a darkened silhouette.


Kelly Interview Audio

Kelly Interview (rendon)

This piece took me about 7 hours in total to edit. I was not having trouble using the system, but more so deciding what to cut and what to use. She had three different stories, one about her explaining the positions, how she enjoyed her team, and how her dad was her coach. I decided to focus on how she enjoyed playing soccer with her team mates and developed the story to just be a personal reflection of the character’s past.

In the background I used footage of a recorded soccer game, fading it in an out through out the piece. I thought it would add to the moment for when she was talking about playing with her teammates. As soon as she begins to talk about her and her sister playing after hours always breaking things in the house, I fade out the soccer game and just added room tone. Something I would do different is add glass breaking for she explains how she broke things in the house, such as the lamp. Later I will add this to the finishing piece.

Even though there was a lot of info, I was only able to make a story of a about a 1.48 sec. Later I would like to go back to see what else I can possibly add into the story line without it being confusing. One more thing I did have trouble with was being able to blend different parts of the conversation together. I was having trouble having it sound like a natural conversation. Some parts you can notice some “hiccups”. It was difficult being able to catch that right point in time to cut it, even with the zoom tool. Once I was zoomed in, the line was going to fast for me to pin point the exact part to cut out.



Baby sounds- 10

Music (lullaby)-15

Convo between dad and baby- 26

Narrations 35

Baby noise40

Toddler speaking48


The same child speaking at different moments (age) “growing up” 100

Music stops at 150

Outside dark (crickets) 156

Young girl speaking 203

Telephone message 212

Music enters back in 227

Convo between girl and dad (music still there) 237

Music ends it

Up above are the different sounds I was able to catch through out the 3 min blog post. When at first listening to the podcast you think this is about a lover talking about the body of another. As baby sounds come in at 10 seconds with a nursery tune “itsey bitsey spider” following 5 seconds later, you realize that this is about a father and child. This sets the tone differently from what was heard before, grasping the listener to continue to be intrigued.

Throughout the audio clip you realize that the sounds of the baby begin to mature into a young teen. You then realize getting closer to the end of the clip that the father had been recording his daughter since she was a baby. At least this is what the producer would like the listener to think. However, after listening closely and noticing how each baby noise recorded is similar in quality of sound to the recording of the teenager, I’m thinking all of those recordings are from different children, not just one. I like the effect he gives it, the room tone probably helped with this set up. It really made me think that he had been recording him and his child for the past 13 years.