Baby sounds- 10

Music (lullaby)-15

Convo between dad and baby- 26

Narrations 35

Baby noise40

Toddler speaking48


The same child speaking at different moments (age) “growing up” 100

Music stops at 150

Outside dark (crickets) 156

Young girl speaking 203

Telephone message 212

Music enters back in 227

Convo between girl and dad (music still there) 237

Music ends it

Up above are the different sounds I was able to catch through out the 3 min blog post. When at first listening to the podcast you think this is about a lover talking about the body of another. As baby sounds come in at 10 seconds with a nursery tune “itsey bitsey spider” following 5 seconds later, you realize that this is about a father and child. This sets the tone differently from what was heard before, grasping the listener to continue to be intrigued.

Throughout the audio clip you realize that the sounds of the baby begin to mature into a young teen. You then realize getting closer to the end of the clip that the father had been recording his daughter since she was a baby. At least this is what the producer would like the listener to think. However, after listening closely and noticing how each baby noise recorded is similar in quality of sound to the recording of the teenager, I’m thinking all of those recordings are from different children, not just one. I like the effect he gives it, the room tone probably helped with this set up. It really made me think that he had been recording him and his child for the past 13 years.

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