The Juilliard Experience

This video is about Mary Schaffer working as a an intern at the School of Juilliard. While I went to go and retrieve the interviews and b-roll, Mike went to go retrieve the photos. It took us about four hours to edit the whole thing with an additional hour to fix any of the suggestions made from the rough draft discussion. Mike was the one handling Final Cut Pro, while I “directed” what we should put in the video to create the story we wanted. In the end though, we both edited the final outcome to make it better than what it was before.

We fixed the jump cuts with pics and b-roll which was a challenge at first, because the video was already created but we figured out how to add in additional material without ruining any of the video.

I have to say we both made a great team in getting this done, and both him and I agree that this has been the best video both him and I have made.

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