Multimedia Bootcamp

For many hours every day, we consume multimedia content. From radio shows to Twitter feeds, Tumblr posts, YouTube videos, digital advertising, and TV shows, our lives are saturated with digital information. We repost and retweet, forward and like. But do you know how to actually create that content? We consume and respond without thinking critically about the impact of this media and without taking the time and care to produce it ourselves. That’s about to change. This bootcamp is all about producing that multimedia content. You’ll get on the other side of the video camera and learn to shoot your own frames and edit your own stories. You’ll learn how to take complicated interviews and ideas and produce a piece that is publicly accessible.

Of course, first you’ll need a platform to publish your work. We’ll start the course with an introduction to WordPress and creating your own website portfolio. Then we’ll move into audio, photography, videography, and, of course, editing. We’ll also discuss how to conduct a great interview and interpret the interview themes, examine methods and shapes of storytelling, the implications of representing another person or community, and the impact of your own presence on the people and places within your frame.

This course moves quickly and your active attendance and participation is required. The first weeks of class time will focus on lecture and class discussion, but as the course progresses, class time will be used for critiquing one another’s work. Instead of turning in papers, you will publish entries and comments on your website. Multimedia pieces will be uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube and embedded on your site. The final will be a showcase of class projects—a movie premiere of sorts—open to the campus community.

Download the complete syllabus

When: Wed. 6-9 p.m.
Where: Spiro Mac Lab
Who: Prof. Anna Mulé
Office: Reynolds House, 3rd floor
Office hours: By appointment only
Contact: or 718-420-4468

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