Photo Roll- Kelly

this was a bit tricky being that i wasn’t able to actually go to a soccer field to shoot this. Had we been able to go to one we could of used soccer nets for the patterned photos you suggested or made things a bit more believable for the interview video. I am hoping to use some of her team photos and her playing back in the day so i can capture more action to add to the piece. there was only so much i could without being able to go to one of her soccer games or be able to go with her to a soccer field where she could just mess around with a soccer ball.

this on I got down on the ground for and focused in on her feet which made the background blurry
this one i also got down on the ground. but this time made the foot nearest to me more focused than the one in the furthest away
I bent down for this one and angled it from above. this is of her posing akick she would do on the field.
this one i did the same thing as the one before it but in stead of focusing on the foot nearest to me I focused on the action of the foot furthest away.
I had her run away from me showing her do exercises she would do on the field.
this one is the same as before but further away.
I had her look directly at the camera and do a small smile. she was about a couple feet away from me.
this one i had her “show off” her jersey and smile. I stood on top of my toes to get a better angle. I like how she has to look up to the camera.
I had her some motion kicks that she would do if she really did have a soccer ball. I was far back for this but zoomed up close with a different lens
here i had her do the same things. I was hoping to get a bit creative and photo shop the soccer ball in the pic. We didn’t have a soccer ball to shoot with.
here i just shot her getting ready for action. her un-bagging her cleats and getting ready to put them on. I liked the shadow silhouette in the background. I stood where the sun was behind me and tried to stand clear of capturing my own shadow.
Here i had the sun highlight her Jersey number to grasp the bright color of her jersey that you couldn’t really see before in the shade in other pics.
this one i had her flirt with the camera a bit posing again with the sun on her back to grasp the colors. I was also able to get a little shadow of her on the ground
this her putting on her cleats getting ready to go out on the field. I shot this from above on my tip toes.
this one i was main hall for. i shot this through a window from the second floor.
this here i had her stretching, doing warm ups, while i shot around her getting different angles. I had to work with the sun and make the best of it
here i was far away and zoomed in. I let the light hit her actions so as to bring attention to it.
here i was also far away but zoomed in with a different lens. I believe i was about 40 feet away. i had the sun shine on her to get the shadow to her right and a darkened silhouette.


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