Kelly Interview Audio

Kelly Interview (rendon)

This piece took me about 7 hours in total to edit. I was not having trouble using the system, but more so deciding what to cut and what to use. She had three different stories, one about her explaining the positions, how she enjoyed her team, and how her dad was her coach. I decided to focus on how she enjoyed playing soccer with her team mates and developed the story to just be a personal reflection of the character’s past.

In the background I used footage of a recorded soccer game, fading it in an out through out the piece. I thought it would add to the moment for when she was talking about playing with her teammates. As soon as she begins to talk about her and her sister playing after hours always breaking things in the house, I fade out the soccer game and just added room tone. Something I would do different is add glass breaking for she explains how she broke things in the house, such as the lamp. Later I will add this to the finishing piece.

Even though there was a lot of info, I was only able to make a story of a about a 1.48 sec. Later I would like to go back to see what else I can possibly add into the story line without it being confusing. One more thing I did have trouble with was being able to blend different parts of the conversation together. I was having trouble having it sound like a natural conversation. Some parts you can notice some “hiccups”. It was difficult being able to catch that right point in time to cut it, even with the zoom tool. Once I was zoomed in, the line was going to fast for me to pin point the exact part to cut out.

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