Kelly final audio and photo

This video was challenging for me. The first time was doing I realized that I didn’t render any of my files and then when I went to go do final edits I realized my whole file was corrupt and I had to start all over. I know my audio is a bit messy and I was having trouble fixing the messy spots, but I know now that I need to save a copy of the audio file so I can go fix it.

Even though I took a ton of pics I still didn’t have enough shots to go with my story, which is why I have some blank parts where she’s just talking. The photos were hard to begin with because I didn’t have the essentials I wanted like a soccer ball or an actual soccer team to shoot with her playing. She sent me some pics of her and her old team mates so I used some of those to help with the story.

In the end I still had trouble because YouTube decided to not work so I had to improvise and use Vimeo, which took an additional hour for me to upload onto the blog.

After doing this first video project I know what to do for my next video project. I know that I need to prepare a storyline so I know what I want to do with pics, audio, etc. I’ll be sure to get a clear idea of my story so that i can appeal it with my photos.

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