World Premiere Final

This project was very close to my heart, it took a lot for me to cut it down to the place that i did however i got it done.  The hardest part for me was to sit through the interview and listen to things i had never heard before. I had no idea my uncle felt this way until this interview and it was a wonderful experience.  What i would do differently is get more pictures because I feel like the ones i have dont tell his story well enough. but overall i had ablast doing this video.  It’s just crazy how i went from not knowing anything about video editing to making it where i am now.  I have developed a love for it and it is honestly one of the best things in my life right now.  I would like to thank you Mrs. Mule for teaching me and guiding me through this class it was honestly a pleasure.  This video means a lot to me and i still think that i could be better but i think that the four hours that i put into this video will definitely pay off.

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