Off Campus Piece (Final Piece)


I feel very proud to present this multimedia piece as not only my best piece but also my last piece of this course and the turning point in my time spent here. I’ve always had problems with editing and learning how to use the software but after a while I got a hold of it and learned to use everything I was taught to my benefit in making my work even better. Although I put in a lot of extra work in on my last piece it was definitely worth it because now I can make up for all the things I was unable to do before.

During the editing process I found myself a lot better off than I was before. I had to do most of my editing process on final cut express and kept saving my work as I went along. There were certain things I didn’t know how to do in final cut express so I had to do them with other programs. For example, I wanted to put more special effects and text in my piece but I didn’t know how to do that in final cut express. So I exported it as a quicktime movie and made all my extra special effects using iMovie, which is one of the most easy and understandable programs to use for the editing process.

The larger “So-What?” question I planned to answer with this topic is to state that everyone things just because twins look alike, it means they live their lives and act the same way but they don’t. Each twin is a whole different person from the other. I divided this story into 3 parts to drive the storyline. Overall, I enjoyed doing this one the most and can’t wait to show it in the coffeehouse.

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