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World Premiere Final

This project was very close to my heart, it took a lot for me to cut it down to the place that i did however i got it done.  The hardest part for me was to sit through the interview and listen to things i had never heard before. I had no idea my uncle felt this way until this interview and it was a wonderful experience.  What i would do differently is get more pictures because I feel like the ones i have dont tell his story well enough. but overall i had ablast doing this video.  It’s just crazy how i went from not knowing anything about video editing to making it where i am now.  I have developed a love for it and it is honestly one of the best things in my life right now.  I would like to thank you Mrs. Mule for teaching me and guiding me through this class it was honestly a pleasure.  This video means a lot to me and i still think that i could be better but i think that the four hours that i put into this video will definitely pay off.

Where I’m Meant To Be


Starting out with this project I didn’t think that it would be really interesting however as time has progressed I have found that it really was fun.  I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do on campus but when I figured it out I was sure I was going to make he best of it.  I did a story on my best friend Tatyana and how she is an upcoming actress.  Things I would change about this project is the topic I decided to discuss because it dealt more with the past so it was hard for me to find photos and videos but i made due with what I had, overall I enjoyed every minute of this project.

In Class Interview


I had fun with this project,  I didn’t enjoy every minute of it but the end result was satisfying.  I believe the hardest part was the audio, cutting out all of the “Ums”  and getting to understand audacity was much of a challenge; however, by the end of the project i understood to a certain extent how to get everything done.  My favorite part was taking all of the pictures.  I enjoy taking pictures and videos of people.  Through the camera. there’s a totally different world, things are clearer and might I add, better.  Next time I would ask more questions because i was confused about what exactly I had to do because of the fact that I didn’t ask questions which was bad on my part.  I look forward to doing my on campus story, I’m a lot more experienced so it should just fly by.


Naya and Mike

01 VST Mikes Interview

I honestly found the whole project itself very difficult. I don’t have any experience with Audacity so when using it I was very lost.  The frustration I felt with in those few hours was nothing I’ve ever experienced before. The most difficult part was adding the natural sounds. The natural sounds didn’t fit anywhere in the audio and I had to figure out a way to make it work. I thought that the project would be fun however I found it more stressful than anything.

When recording the audio I didn’t realize how often he said “um”,  “and”, and  “yea so”.  It made the editing process harder but not too difficult. Cutting out the words was the easiest part. He also held the mic so you could hear all the sounds of the mic moving and that also made it a little harder, but overall I was happy about the way the interview went. The questions we decided to ask made it hard to add in the naturals but that’s something I would change the next time this kind of assignment is done.

Some things that I would do differently next time is put the mic on the table facing him, or just hold it strictly to him. I would choose more interesting questions to make the editing process a little smoother. I would ask him to repeat the question in his answers so that things don’t seem too random. I would become more familiar with the program I’m using, but all in all, things went pretty okay for our first time with this kind of assignment.

Dinner At The Blind Cow by Adam Burke

  • 0:19 Footsteps
  • 2:02 Dishes
  • 3:03 Finger Snapping
  • 3:18 Eating Utensils
  • 4:04 Food being Fried
  • 4:18 Adam biting into an onion ring
  • 6:29 Waitresses talking
  • 7:30 Eating Utensils clinging to plates
  • 7:31 laughter
  • 7:32 Costumers Talking


I chose this audio because it incorporates exactly what I’m doing here. We are using our ears to tell us a story instead of using our eyes. The audio started off with the narrator walking through a hallway to the actually eating area and with each step the light are getting dimmer. By time he is seated he can’t see anything and that’s when hi meal begins. The experience was as if he were an actual blind person eating dinner and that’s what he found most interesting. At first he was a little antsy because it is a natural action that human body does. The eyes are working over time to see even though the mind knows that there is no way that it’s going to see anything. However, when one sense is lost, the others are heightened. The narrator heard everything clearer and things that he normally ate tasted better.  The waitress in the audio explained this perfectly,she used a carrot as an example; she said that when we see a carrot the mind tells us what its supposed to taste like and that’s why it tastes the way it does, however if you eat something blindfolded and don’t know what it is, the mind can’t take control and you must go strictly off of what your taste buds tell you.

While listening to the audio I could hear the costumers talking, the waitresses snapping and talking to let one another know where they were, plates and forks clinging, and foot steps. It just goes to show how important it is to listen and feel things. The experience must have been amazing because the narrator got to experience eating in a whole new perspective. When leaving the restaurant the narrator described the feelings of the lights as cruel and harsh. I guess it was like a reality check because the eyes were back to ruling everything.