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On-campus Story

For this project, I wanted to focus on the talents of a good friend, Doug. He is a great musician and all-around fun guy, and he always has something interesting to say. I wanted to hear more about what he thinks about music, and about his internship in the music industry. It was a great interview, and Doug had a lot of insightful things to say. In retrospect, I should have included more footage of Doug to give the viewer a face to connect to the name and the talent. Also, it was tricky putting together shots in a way that would not affect the fluidity of Doug’s piano playing. As a classically-trained pianist myself, it was great to hear Doug play because he is great at improvisation, something I was interested in as a pianist, but never quite mastered. Also, I would have liked to include a wider variety of Doug’s talents, but unfortunately we had no access to a harmonica, Doug’s favorite musical instrument of choice. In all, filming Doug was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about video-editing in the process.


I had a lot of fun interviewing Jheanelle and I wanted to reflect her bubbly, outgoing personality in her interview and the pictures representing her. As a good friend of mine, it was fairly easy to ask questions without making interviewer or interviewee feel uncomfortable. If I was to continue working on this project I would like to get a wider variety of pictures. It would have been interesting to talk to Jheanelle about her growing up in Jamaica, but I wanted to keep the interview simple in the interest of brevity and lack of resources (ability to take shots of a foreign country). In all, it was a fun project and a good introduction to the video-making process.

Port Richmond CleanUP

I really enjoyed doing this video because I was able to take my time and get the different shots that I wanted to get. Some challenges were that I had to add Jared and Kelly as narrations rather than getting the interview footage- that was because I was not able to get them speaking as they did their activity or job. In the future, I got to plan the day more I guess because there was so much happening at once it was hard to figure out what to record

I Play the Guitar

I found editing the audio and video was much more of a process then actually recording everything during the interview. My main problem that I had with the project was the difference between using a Mac and a PC. I find it much harder to use a Mac for editing and doing the whole process. Overall the project went smooth other than the fact that I was 3 weeks late.

Off-campus Story Reflection

So far collecting the footage for the final project has been very interesting. I knew that doing a piece focused on Hurricane Sandy would be very touchy and serious but I did not expect it to be like this. So far one interview has been done and a senior at Wagner shared her experience with us. The interview was extremely powerful and moving. The interviewee did not hold any emotions back and made me feel her pain as she retold her story as a whole for the first time.





The Untold Story of Linda AKA Silver Fox

The Untold Story of Linda AKA Silver Fox

Some challenges I faces was that I had so much A Roll that I didn’t know what to cut down. I didn’t know what to do about the humming in the background either, it was a machine behind the desk- the microphone was less than a foot away from the subject but maybe i should have put it closer. The music in the background should have been a little softer. Also when posting onto this site, my file was too big and I had to go through youtube.

On Campus Project

At the start of the on campus project i thought it would be quite easy to say the least. I found a good topic to base my story on and how it went about was a lot tougher than expected. Because Greg was so busy with his meetings and how some meetings had topics that were brought up too sensitive for a camera to be around made it tough to actually get some footage done; not to mention that he had classes in the midst of all this.

After finally being allowed to get footage i was squeezed for time to make a video, edit it, and post it up. I think next time i do a story i will make sure its of something i can get plenty more footage of and hopefully have excess footage rather than less.


On Campus Story: Paul Schloader

By Cameron Alexander

This project was a difficult one to come up with because I couldn’t think of anything on campus that was worth a story.  I then decided to do a story on a student because they all have really different stories.  Paul was an obvious choice because of his workload and stress to attitude ratio.  He works hard all the time but never gets so overwhelmed that he stops being super nice and friendly.  We recorded the interview and it went great because Paul has astounding conversation skills and then went through and found good places to add in B Roll and did so.  The editing process took a little while but was fun; now that I’ve gotten the video to export correctly I’m fairly pleased with how it came out.

On campus piece

Youtube Video


This piece was very difficult to edit. I found myself unable to figure out jump cuts and how to edit out certain things I did not want in the video. I ran into a huge problem with this piece because I did not have enough B-roll footage to match up with the A-roll footage. I feel as though this had a lot to do with the topic I chose. I chose to do this off campus peice on my cheerleading team and during the time I was trying to get all the proper components to begin my editing process, the cheerleaders were off-season. Seeing as though we were off-season it was very hard to get enough B-roll footage so I had to use a few bits and pieces of old footage I have taken towards the beginning of our season. I know that next time I need to pick a topic that won’t propose as many problems as this one. For the future I know to also plan my time accordingly and I would rather have too much footage rather than not enough.

The larger “So What?” question I intended to answer was to get the audience to realize that there’s more to cheerleading. We aren’t noticed as much because we aren’t the most important aspect of the game. However, we still do work for very hard and there’s a lot of time and preparation we spend each week trying to make our school look good.