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Port Richmond CleanUP

I really enjoyed doing this video because I was able to take my time and get the different shots that I wanted to get. Some challenges were that I had to add Jared and Kelly as narrations rather than getting the interview footage- that was because I was not able to get them speaking as they did their activity or job. In the future, I got to plan the day more I guess because there was so much happening at once it was hard to figure out what to record

The Untold Story of Linda AKA Silver Fox

The Untold Story of Linda AKA Silver Fox

Some challenges I faces was that I had so much A Roll that I didn’t know what to cut down. I didn’t know what to do about the humming in the background either, it was a machine behind the desk- the microphone was less than a foot away from the subject but maybe i should have put it closer. The music in the background should have been a little softer. Also when posting onto this site, my file was too big and I had to go through youtube.


Similar to everyone, I faced a challenge with the pictures. Somehow, in the confusion of transferring the pictures from the sd card to my computer to my flash card I lost all the pictures – luckily I had made “the best of ” photos into another folder and so the pictures I had left were at least of the best. Since I wasn’t satisfied with my last edition of the recording, this gave me the chance to perfect it. I thought about adding b track sounds , but i reconsidered because this story was more focused in the motion of the pictures and I didn’t want to take away from that. I really enjoyed the process and am proud of the finalized story- I just wish the title “confidence” didn’t jump in the video- I couldn’t figure out how to fix it

best of isabella

IMG_6211Portrait, dominant foreground

IMG_6185dominant foreground

IMG_6146portrait (door frame), background




IMG_6104dominant background

IMG_6095rule of thirds

IMG_6066dominant foreground

IMG_6065perspective (floor), rule of thirds

IMG_6216dominant foreground

IMG_6210dominant foreground

IMG_6204patterns,  rule of thirds

IMG_6202dominant background, perspective floor

IMG_6192juxtaposition (chairs), portrait (chairs)

IMG_6174rule of thirds

IMG_6172blur (motion of hair), rule of thirds

IMG_6170rule of thirds

IMG_6167rule of thirds, perspective (ground)

IMG_6158rule of thirds, perspective (ground)

IMG_6147rule of thirds, patterns (tiles)

IMG_6062mirror (its almost like she’s pulling away from her reflection)


IMG_6059dominant foreground

Agro_The Color is Black

The audio clip began with erie, abrupt, repetitive sounds that seemed to echo each other and enter and odd times. Then an low toned male voice entered speaking in a dark matter. The voice kept using the words black in each sentence and used different historical, factual, and dark, dimal references. “The Blackness of” would usually be used, to describe the depth of black itself.

An echoing technique would often be used and intensified to translate the deep, creepy feeling associated with black. The final editing touch to the clip had a tremendous effect: the male voice kept going, but all other sounds were cut. This stressed what the male voice was saying because the actual content of what he was saying was that “black” was at the root of everything; the core.