001: phone ringing
005: voice answers
006: phone conversation
1:00- phone ringing
1:03- person answers the phone
1:04- phone conversation
1:50- typing
2:00- phone ringing
2:06- phone conversation
3:00 – person hangs up/ dial tone


This podcast was mainly a series of telephone calls and short conversations. It begins with a phone ringing and a man requesting for help to find a book. He describes the story and the audio is at first just him and the man on the other end of the phone speaking about the book. The man helping him find this book puts him on hold to see if he can get assistance in finding the title and makes a phone call. This audio piece then goes into another phone ringing and other people speaking about a story trying to figure out the name of the title and so on.
This audio piece is about “lost stories” and where they go. This theme is kept by pieces of phone conversations about forgotten stories/books. The piece was put together through constant transitioning from one conversation to the next. The phone ringing is the transition in between conversations. In the back of one conversation you can hear the man typing as if he is trying to search for the book on the computer.

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