“There was a whole Lotta Hundreds”

0-3 sec: silent

4-9 sec: phone rings

20 sec:voices

1 min 10 sec: school bell

1 min 13-15 sec: sounds of a school hallway

1 min 18 sec: mail voice

1 min 40 sec: male voice on phone

2 min 25 sec: music

2 min 28: voice, music in background

3 min 28 sec: background music fades

4 min 45 sec: female voice enters

5 min 25 sec: teenage voices, ringing noise

5 min 35 sec : male voice enters

-6 min 10 sec: voices fade, podcast ends

This podcast begins with the ringing of a phone call and is followed by multiple voices (not all at the same time) answering the call. These different individuals are asked to elaborate on their experiences with people cheating on school assignments. As their stories flow through the podcast, they are somewhat mixed together to give it a entertaining feel.

Whether it was a teacher or a student telling the story, they both could not help but make the listening chuckle. The extent of what people went through to cheat was clever and somehow worked, at times. Other students were caught red handed and in turn made ridiculous excuses that the teacher had to try to hold in his own laughter.

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