Record an Event or Person

In this assignment, you’ll experiment with recording different types of audio and work on finding a story within an event. If you need an audio refresher, check out my audio resources page. Remember that you’ll return to this subject in a few weeks, for photography.

  1. Find an event or a person that interests you and has some kind of story that other people will care about. “Event” here is broadly defined — it doesn’t have to be a lecture or tournament. It could be dinner. It could be a ride on the ferry.
  2. Record three types of audio: 1) a short interview with someone (minimum 5 minutes, but should probably be more like 10-15 min to get good content), 2) targeted environmental sound, eg, action sounds — what are people doing? (minimum 5 min), 3) general ambiance or room tone (minimum 5 min). If your piece needs a voiceover, record that also (optional).
  3. Make sure this audio fits together to tell a story of some sort. Why should we care? Don’t just record a list of things that happened. Step back and think about the larger significance. In your interview, ask people why they care. Listen to what they say and then dig a little deeper.
  4. Copy all the files from the SD card onto your external drive.
  5. Bring all this audio to class on your external drive.

Due date: Wed., Sept. 17,  6 p.m.

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