Promotional/PSA Video

For this assignment, you will produce a PSA (public service announcement). You should have a strong focus statement, where it’s really clear what message you’re giving to your audience. Keep it short and simple. The final video should be 30 sec – 2 min long (ideally on the shorter side — try to keep it under one minute).  As usual, I expect you to incorporate audio, video and production techniques that we have discussed in class.

Now, of course I want you to make an awesome PSA. But please keep in mind the time constraints for this project (three weeks to produce a 30 sec video). Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Keep it simple and focused. Get help from your fellow classmates.


  1. Write out your one-sentence focus statement, elevator pitch (longer version of the focus statement with a clear “so what” message — why should people care?), list of primary characters, and list of shots you need to get.
  2. As you record your audio, video and photos, keep in mind the compositional tools we discussed in class. You should include wide, medium, and close up shots of your subject or story at work. Move your feet and get close to the subject. Get into uncomfortable positions and see what happens.
  3. Edit this footage into a video that is between 30 sec – 2 min long. Add music if you want. Add a voiceover if your PSA needs one. Add appropriate titles and transitions.
  4. Export your video as an .mp4 file and upload to your Vimeo or YouTube site. Embed on your website with a brief reflection on the process of making this video.


  • Due by Oct. 29: Shoot the majority of your footage.
  • Due by Nov. 5: Produce a rough draft of your PSA and bring it to class. Shoot any final footage needed.
  • Due by Nov. 12: Your final PSA video and a reflection post on your website.


Some sample PSAs, curated by YouTube.

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