Produce Your How-to Video

The goal of this assignment is to make you comfortable with the workflow, tools, and techniques of editing video in iMovie, as you create an engaging and interesting how-to video.

Set up

  1. Organize your files (audio, video, photo) into a project folder on your external drive.
  2. Import video footage into iMovie using File > Import > Camera Archive.
  3. Organize your events. Go through the footage and mark favorites and keywords.
  4. Sketch out a storyboard for your video. Think about your narrative arch and consider your audience.
  5. Under “Project Library,” select your external drive and add a new project.


  1. Start with your interview as the base video. Normalize this audio track before you start cutting it up. Cut out big gaps, mistakes, etc (like you did for your audio piece).
  2. Pull b-roll clips onto your project based on your storyboard. You must include an establishing wide shot, clips from your master/medium shot, close-ups, point-of-view, and over the shoulder footer.
  3. Add a music soundtrack. Make sure you adjust all audio levels appropriately. Here are some copyright-free music options.
  4. Add titles: at least an intro slide and a credits slide.


Export your final video and upload it to YouTube. Post this on your blog with a brief reflection on the process of shooting and producing this video. What went wrong? What went right? What will you do differently next time?

Due March 26, 6 p.m.

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