Final Feature Video

This last video is your chance to bring together everything you’ve learned in this class. I expect you to demonstrate your best work at shooting and producing high-quality video.

The Video

This will be a 3-5 min piece of your choice of genre and topic. It can be fictional. It can be documentary. You can (and should) help each other, but ultimately everyone is responsible for a unique piece shot and produced entirely by you. I encourage you to get off campus. The important thing here is a compelling story that is shot and produced professionally. Before you land on a definite idea, start making contacts. Spend 4 or 5 hours at the primary location. Talk to people, get a sense of lighting and layout, research your topic, come up with a plan.

Grading Rubric

You will be graded on the following:

  • Correct completion of assignment (15%)
  • Technical proficiency (60%)
    • Audio (20%) — I expect clean, crisp audio without distortion. Voices need to be easy to understand (eg, use the wireless lav or boom mic). Music needs to be appropriate and legal. Environmental audio needs to cleanly add texture to the piece. **If you are shooting a music video, the video and production percentages take the place of audio.
    • Video (20%) — You must use a tripod and/or stabilizer.  Get close to your subject and use the composition and exposure techniques we covered in class. Shoot from creative angles and shoot more than you think you’ll need.
    • Production (20%) — I expect you to have a thorough grasp of clean and smooth editing (both audio and video). Jump cuts should be used sparingly and only when it is for a clever technique. Layer your b roll and audio so you have multiple elements happening at once.  Transitions for both audio and video should be smooth. Use titles and captions appropriately. Make sure you adjust your audio levels so we hear your story clearly.
  • Storyline and artistry (25%) — I want to see a careful storyboard before you begin shooting. Your story should have a narrative arch and carefully consider the formal and social contexts surrounding your video. Basically, I want to see that you have carefully thought about this video and put creative effort into its creation.


By Nov 5: Post your general plan and storyboard on your blog. I expect this to change as you shoot, so you should also update your blog post as you go.

By Nov 12: Shoot the majority of the primary/interview footage for your piece. Start shooting b roll.

By Nov 19: Finish shooting footage and start editing. No class this day but I need to see a rough draft of your piece before Wednesday, Dec 3, so make an appointment as soon as you have a solid draft. Also show your piece to your fellow classmates and get critical feedback.

Dec 10: Post the final video on your blog along with a five-paragraph reflection. For the final, you will show your video and give a brief presentation. You’re allowed 10 minutes total for both the video and presentation. This final will be in the coffeehouse at 2:40 p.m. At that point, all editing of your video must be finished, and the final video must be on your blog. I will not accept any submissions of any work posted after 2:40 p.m. on Dec 10.

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