How-to Video

This week, I want you to experiment with our video equipment, get comfortable with using tripods, cameras, and lights, and shoot an effective how-to video. Each of you should shoot your own footage, but you can help each other out with audio/talent/etc. 

  1. Decide what you want to explain in your video. This can be simple or complex, abstract or practical. Write up a storyboard that breaks down the main points and indicates what visuals are associated with each point.
  2. Shoot the following sequences:
    1. Interview. Make sure you’re lighting the subject properly, using a tripod and the lavalier microphone,  and using good composition. Use your headphones!!
    2. Establishing wide shot. Include the wider context of where you are.
    3. Master/medium shot. Have your talent go through the storyboard one complete time with your camera on the tripod and this simple composition. Use the boom pole and shotgun microphone to pick up detailed audio.
    4. Close-up. Get within 10 inches of the action. Take your camera off the tripod and hold the camera by hand.
    5. Point-of-view. Position yourself from the talent’s perspective. Use the shoulder mount to stabilize the camera.
    6. Over the shoulder.
  3. Copy your footage from the camera’s card onto your external drive. Bring the drive to class next week. 

Assignment due: October 15, 6 p.m.

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