Naya and Mike

01 VST Mikes Interview

I honestly found the whole project itself very difficult. I don’t have any experience with Audacity so when using it I was very lost.  The frustration I felt with in those few hours was nothing I’ve ever experienced before. The most difficult part was adding the natural sounds. The natural sounds didn’t fit anywhere in the audio and I had to figure out a way to make it work. I thought that the project would be fun however I found it more stressful than anything.

When recording the audio I didn’t realize how often he said “um”,  “and”, and  “yea so”.  It made the editing process harder but not too difficult. Cutting out the words was the easiest part. He also held the mic so you could hear all the sounds of the mic moving and that also made it a little harder, but overall I was happy about the way the interview went. The questions we decided to ask made it hard to add in the naturals but that’s something I would change the next time this kind of assignment is done.

Some things that I would do differently next time is put the mic on the table facing him, or just hold it strictly to him. I would choose more interesting questions to make the editing process a little smoother. I would ask him to repeat the question in his answers so that things don’t seem too random. I would become more familiar with the program I’m using, but all in all, things went pretty okay for our first time with this kind of assignment.

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