Kelly & Kat’s off-campus video

This video is about how Kat’s mom came to the United States from Colombia. She did not do this for her own benefit, she did this to give her children better lives and a better opportunity. It is amazing how someone can be so selfless; she had to give up a good job and come to a country in which she wasn’t familiar with the language. She moved back to Colombia two years ago, leaving her family behind here. She discusses the hardships in this whole process but all together she is happy with her decision and proud of her children. This video was difficult for us to work together because of the language barrier between me and Kat’s mom. We came up with questions together but Kat had to ask them to her mother in Spanish and we had to keep stopping to translate for me so that we could ask more questions. The b roll was surprisingly easy because since Kat’s mom was coming to visit, we were able to film in the airport and film her mother seeing her children for the first time in a year. Our audio is somehow off in the beginning and we did not realize while filming, however, this isn’t a huge problem because there are subtitles at the bottom. After everything was translated, we edited the interview to what we felt was relevant to our video and then we edited the video within the interview.

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