Beginning the process of editing an interview with pictures that go along with it, was a lot more complicated then it seemed. As I prepared myself to edit the shots of Olivia – my partner – that I took, I believed it would only be about a half an hour process but boy was I wrong. I learned a lot through using different applications in order to complete the piece and discovered that for me, iMovie was a lot easier to use then other things such as audacity.
When I was editing this piece I found it difficult because as I completed one step of the process I already had ten other complications that came along with that one step. The first thing that had to be done was editing the interview which included taking out the unnecessary words such as “like” or “uhm.” The was a tedious process itself although it got easier as I went along. After that was done, I went on to put the pictures I had taken of her, into the interview in order for them to flow with what she said. Unfortunately, the pictures were sometimes irrelevant to what she was saying. As I completed that step in the process, I continued on by adding room tone and the room sound into the interview in order to make the listener feel as if they were there as well. I did this by selecting the piece of sound that I wanted to use and dragging it to the part where I wanted to place it an then chose the option “audio only.”
Some of the problems that I encountered were downloading all of the material onto one single program. My computer did not support the documents and I therefore had to switch computers a lot. Through playing around with the program, I learned that putting pictures within the interview had to be done directly from where the pictures where taken rather then just sliding them in there because if I did it that way, it failed to give me the “cutaway” option. Also, when the interview was taken, the video camera was placed facing the wall which is something that I could not cover up in the video at times due to lack of pictures.

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