Hurricane Sandy By Paul Passantino and Olivia Iacono

Making this video was two things, a nightmare and a good learning experiance. Olivia got the interviews from Sam and helped her interview the two people who were affected by hurricane Sandy. But, it was my job (Paul) to do the editing. Each interview that we got was about 30 minuets long and trying to tell the story we wanted was not to hard. But, the hardest thing about the whole proccess was what do we cut out? The interviews had very good material and every time I had to cut something out it did not feel good. For this project though it needed to be cut. Now, when it came to editing, whatever could go wrong did. I had to fix the audio because for the guy speaking, the sound was only comming out of the left side. So the only way you could change it is if you make it into a stereo to a mono track before you put it in the timeline. So, since my draft was already edited I had to take all the boy parts and edit them in a seperate project to get a mono track and had to re-edit the whole thing again. Now when I had finished editing the video I was so relieve, but there is more challeneges ahead of me. When I went to export the video, Adobe Encore Media had stopped working for no reason. I found out that there is a corrupt file and I have to delete it, but that will take me hours to do and I do not have that time. So instead of exporting it in a higher quiality setting, I had to convert the video into a youtube preset which is not the best quality. Also, I would have liked more b footage photos and had the names of the People in the video , but I emailed Sam and she did not get back to me. Even though there is not that much B footage I still feel that it is a good enough video. The emotional expression on their faces is what makes the video for me.

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