Tracking Your Colleagues?

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Ever wonder what would happen if you google a co-worker or student? Although you may have looked at your own digital footprint, have you thought about learning more about those around you for positive reasons–that is not to snoop into their heartbreak or financial ups and downs but rather to have new reasons to connect with those sitting across from you at meetings and award dinners? Today I enjoyed looking up one of the faculty in Wagner’s business department Prof. Frank DiSimone. I recently had the opportunity while editing a student’s paper for my history course, to hear praise of Frank for teaching his senior business students how to write and research at a very sophisticated level. I also knew that Frank had won an MLK Agent of change award because of his work with students. Now thanks to this assignment on google I learned more. Frank was 2006 Graduate Professor of the Year. Frank has over 20 years experience nurturing start up companies. He has taught at Wagner College for 10 years (time flies). And, fun fact, he once owned a liquor store and sold it at a profit. Best of all, in the recommendations on linked in, he is described by others as a good mentor and “out of the box” thinker. Now I have even more to appreciate abou my colleague in the business department.