From the USSR to the U.S.: an argument in favor of the NYS Dream Act

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Some of the world’s most developed and prosperous countries, which incessantly boast about their tolerance, have come face-to-face with the “intensification of the national question”. And today, one after another, they have had to admit their failure to integrate outside cultural elements into society and ability to ensure a peaceful, harmonious interaction between various cultures, religions, and ethnic groups. The “melting pot” of assimilation continues to stall, unable to “digest” the growing migration flow. In politics, a reflection of this fact has been “multiculturalism”, which rejects the notion of integration through assimilation. It elevates the “right of minorities to be different” to the absolute and, at the same time, fails to balance this right with civil, and cultural obligations. More interesngly, these problems have existed and persist in our own backyard. New York...

From Hong Kong to New York: What it means to be an American

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From Hong Kong to New York: What it means to be an American

English School to American Bound

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Priyanka Trivedi – Indian Immigrant turned American Hip Hop enthusiast/Nurse By Kelsey Brown, Wagner College 15′ If it wasn’t for a little sorority called Tau Kappa Sigma I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of meeting my dear friend and sister Priyanka Trivedi, an Indian immigrant turned Wagner College student turned Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse. But believe me Pri as she is fondly called didn’t always start out in this direction. She was born in a small village in India outside of a major city. Her family being rather large struggled to maintain a well off lifestyle and although both of her parents had masters degrees they constantly struggled to better themselves. She was raised by her very educated parents and had the privilege of attending a English-Medium school growing up. Although this English school provided her with a basis for a good education...