Ronald Reagan

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Ronald Reagan played a huge influential role in the history of the United States of America and the world. He first took charge as president of the United States during economic crisis in 1981 and knew exactly what he wanted to do for the benefit of all American society. Reagan relied mostly on his strengths of communication and abilities to bring people together through a common appreciation for their country. Not only did he restore America to its original power, but he also helped to maintain democracy in other countries around the globe. Ronald Reagan played a key role in the ending of the Soviet Union while also maintaining his focus on creating a stronger and safer America. Because of his ability to speak powerfully and effectively, he was able to change the United States of America’s reputation of being pliable and weak to being one that is strong, determined, and superior. Ronald Reagan represents a leader of communication through his ability to encourage all citizens of the United States of America to take pride in their country while leading the rest of the world to a well deserved democracy.

Before Ronald Reagan’s presidency, the United States of America was going through a period of hardship. Other countries saw America as a weak nation, especially its military. It was rumored around the world that America was “all bark but no bite”. The United States was also entering a period of economic turmoil as taxes were high and jobs did not come easy. Around the world, the Soviet Union was taking advantage of their power by forcing Europe to abide by their communist government ideas. As the freedom and democracy of our world shrank, the need for leadership and reliability grew. This is where Ronald Reagan came into action. He ran for president during this time despite the discouragement he was shown by many individuals.

Growing up in a family of poverty definitely shaped Ronald Reagan’s leadership as he was able to use his own experiences to relate to others around him. A typical president today would be from a rich foundation with little real life experiences of the country he represents. However, Ronald Reagan was an individual of personal knowledge and familiarity. The fact that he grew up without much not only helped him in his presidency to relate to others, but also to provide him with a down to earth mindset. His policies reflected his past experiences as he led the country out of economic turmoil. It also greatly helped him with his communication leadership style in that many people were willing to listen to him and hear what he had to say. As the people of America longed for reliable leadership, Ronald Reagan was able to provide trustworthiness that many found comfort in.

Reagan’s presidency led to a constant uphill turn for America. When he came to power in 1981, America was in economic decline, faced with mass inflation, interest rates, and an enormous deficit. Not only did he ensure America that he was going to make a change, but he did exactly that. One of Ronald Reagan’s strengths was his consistency and maintenance of being a ‘man of his word’. He began his presidency longing to first bring confidence back to all Americans. He was a man of patriotism and encouragement, and led United States citizens to an optimism and faith in their country they had not felt in a long time. Through Reagan’s inspiring public speeches, he brought America back to its feet again. Americans were able to obtain pride in their country, a huge step in the betterment of society. Ronald Reagan was also a large supporter of “hands-off” government. He understood that America was the land of the free and intended to keep it that way. Reagan firmly believed in preserving the Constitution and the Declaration of independence. He understood exactly what would be best for America and pushed for that throughout his 8 year presidency.

Reagan’s leadership role in the demolishing of the Berlin Wall was one that may not be forgotten. Once again, he communicated. He communicated to an audience he was not as familiar with as he gave a speech to many Soviets, speaking out in the name of democracy. Reagan spoke out about the injustice of communism and government control. He remained level headed and challenged many communist beliefs of that time. One of his most powerful acts of communication was his speech demanding justice and democracy in Berlin. He spoke out for all citizens when he demanded Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down this wall.” Ronald Reagan’s influence traveled from American territory to the territories of countries around the world, making him both an American political figure and a world leader. His extensive work and constant push towards world justice created an image of power and stability for himself and America. Ronald Reagan’s speech was known as one that “changed the world.” This proves his powerful communication skills as he ended an entire war by simply standing by what he believes and powerfully speaking out to others with confidence in success.


Toward the end of his presidency, Reagan was shot in the chest in an assassination attempt. Although he was thrown off by this, he did not cease to communicate values and optimism to America. Citizens began to honor him as “The Great Communicator”. The shooting truly opened individual’s eyes to the evils that exist and the value of an optimistic persona. Ronald Reagan’s presidency proved to be an example of great leadership all across the world. Many organizations were created after Reagan’s presidency to attempt his form of communication leadership, such as the National Youth Leadership Committee. This organization formed to represent the leaders of our future and to participate in the Ronald Reagan Centennial Celebration, “a historic, year-long celebration during 2011 commemorating the 100th birthday of our nation’s fortieth president. Sponsored by the Reagan Foundation, and funded completely through private donations, substantive programs and celebratory events were held around the world – from Los Angeles, California to London, England – honoring the life and legacy of this global leader who inspired freedom and changed the world.”[1] This organization is a direct example of Ronald Reagan’s influence and the continuous honor he has been given by all Americans. He has inspired youths of today and taught a lesson to all about the importance of communication and the need for patriotism.

Ronald Reagan is a constant representation of a successful community of constant communication. Just as he created a sense of democratic community in America rather than a government controlled society, we create a community with the students in Port Richmond High School. Instead of teaching the students by simply lecturing them, we mentor them and allow a communication from both sides to form a better environment. Ronald Reagan’s ability to communicate and lead is present during our time with the students in Port Richmond. Not only do we communicate well with the students, but we also invoke a sense of self pride in each individual student through encouragement just as Reagan did for America. The students of Port Richmond are given the confidence to petition for what they believe in order to bring democracy to their lives just as Americans were encouraged to take pride in their own country and bring it back to its greatest power. The people of America were influenced through a positive communication once and will continue to be influenced throughout the continuation of time. Ronald Reagan became the foundation of a new communication in leadership that will help shape our country and the world forever.