Bill Gates- The birth of the computer

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It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.- Bill Gates


Bill Gates is one of the greatest leaders in history. His work has such an impact on technology today and our way of life. Because of Apple and other modern technology I feel as though Bill Gates does not get the credit he deserved.Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington to Mary and William Gates. Gates also had to sisters, Kristianne(older) and Libby (younger). Early on Bill was always playing bored Games and reading encyclopedias. His parents were worried about him and his social life so when he was 13 they enrolled him. in Lakeside School, An exclusively private high school. Soon after attending the school Gates started to ace all of his classes. Bill had became one of the smartest students at the school, so smart in fact that the school gave him permission to leave Math to peruse is other interests. Growing up bill had shown his competitive side and his strive for success. He also showed his strong interest in computers. Gates and 3 friends were banned from school computers when they found a bug in the computer system giving the 4 students free computer time. After the ban gates offered to find bugs in the CCC’s computer system in exchange for free computer time. He graduated lakeside in 1973 with a 1590 out of 1600 on his SAT. Gates went to Harvard. Although knowing gates wanted to work with computers he was unsure of what he wanted to do.


The beginning of Microsoft

The following year after the release of the Altair 8800 and Intel 880 CPU, Gates and partner Allen saw a great opportunity to start up a computer software. Gates talked the decision over with his parents and decided to drop out of school. Gates and Allen then created the first version of Micro-soft. There first office was located in Albuquerque which later moved to the current location today in Bellevue, Washington in 1979. In 1980 Gates life would be changed forever as they made a partnership with IBM. After great success Gates was named the President of Microsoft and chairmen of the board. In 1992 the Microsoft IBM partnership was ready to come to a end due to a difference in the direction the company wanted to take.



Gates married Melinda French. on January 1, 1994. They have three children: daughters Jennifer Katharine (b. 1996) and Phoebe Adele (b. 2002), and son Rory John (b. 1999).


   Richest man in the world

Gates was number one on the Forbes 400 list from 1993 through to 2007 and number one on Forbes list of The worlds richest People from 1995 to 2007 and 2009. In 1999, his wealth briefly surpassed $101 billion, causing the media to call Gates a “centibillionaire”. In a May 2006 interview, Gates commented that he wished that he were not the richest man in the world because he disliked the attention it brought.


Bill Gates Top 3 accomplishments

1. Microsoft

Microsoft’s products allow businesses to run productively. While in school, they allow us to share ideas (email) and give us a taste of technology. Most important of all is that Gates’s accomplishments highlight a bright future for the world and that is what makes him an inspirational leader. Gates’s accomplishments teach us that success can be achieved through hard work and persistence. The best thing of all is this lesson can be applied to anyone. Just follow your passion and dream the Reality!

2. Making the Era of the Home computer.

During the late 1960s, Bill Gates and his school friend Paul Allen learnt the BASIC programming language whilst studying at Lakeside School in Seattle.

BASIC’s popularity stemmed from the fact that it was simple to use for beginners, but had functionality that could be stretched by advanced coders.

While BASIC was designed in 1963, it wasn’t until Gates and Allen produced a version for the Altair 8800 that it really started to fly. In 1975, the two sold the code to MITS for $3,000.

3.Becoming the richest man in the world/giving it away!

Bill Gates became the richest man on the planet at the age of 39. He stayed at number one on the Forbes list of the World’s Richest People until 2007.

According to Wikipedia, Bill Gates was worth more than $101 billion in 1999; while Wired reports that, when Microsoft stock hit a high in 1996, Gates was earning $30 million a day.

He’s now third on the Forbes list (behind his friend Warren Buffet and Mexican telecom mogul Carlos Slim Helu) with an estimated fortune of $58 billion, Gates is able to donate large sums of money away each year. Gates believes in giving back to the world and admits that money does nit really have much value to him and instead values “Gods Work” (Family, friends, Natural views, Life itself).


Many High end Microsoft employers have stated that they believe without Gates Microsoft will fall, And that he is the only reason the company is up and running today. (Company was trying to remove him from chairman).