Fall 2010 Message

Epsilon Mu has awesome plans for 2010-2011. Next year is our 30th Anniversary we hope to apply for a Chapter Key Award.

Welcome to our newest members! Please consider participating in our Mentoring/Leadership Intern Program.

Thanks to our volunteers: Theresa Bucco, Mary Brandt, Kathy Francis and Edith Santiago-Villanueva for participating in CPR Class Fundraiser; Marlene Streisinger has diligently been compiling an updated Chapter History, Teresa Heithaus for keeping our website current; Mary Jane Baillie Jane DeFazio preparing for our Induction our executive board members faculty generously donated raffle basket for our fundraising.

The Chapter Key Award (http://www.nursingsociety.org/Awards/chapter/Pages/award_chp_key.aspx)honors is given to chapters who excel in chapter-related activities such as membership recruitment retention, publicity programming, professional leadership development, local, national international collaboration. Please share your participation in the following activities:

  • leadership development programs,
  • presented at professional nursing or interdisciplinary meetings, conferences or forums,
  • provide a program or activity/project focused on increasing community awareness of nursing knowledge /or increasing community awareness of health promotion prevention of illness,
  • dialogue with nurse leaders or professional associations outside your country to learn about differences in practice, education credentialing,
  • service or philanthropy to non-profits groups,
  • provide expertise or consultation to the community,
  • have a relationship with nurses outside the country connected them with resources of STTI,
  • develop a community of practice in the local healthcare community?

You are truly an asset to our Chapter. Please share your experiences for us to be eligible for the Chapter Key Award!

If you have any questions or wish to become involved as an executive board member or volunteer for one of our community projects, please contact me at epsilonmu@wagner.edu or 718.390.3478.

Visit www.nursingsociety.org/Membership to learn about your STTI membership.

Keep in Touch,

Teri Torsney
Chapter President