W. F. Bach: Editions

Editions of Music by Wilhelm Friedemann Bach

This page offers links to scores and audio files for a number of works that are not yet available otherwise or that are singled out for special attention in my book on the composer’s music (The Music of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, University of Rochester Press, 2010). Listed separately, at the end of this page, are additional pieces from a large manuscript whose contents, some of them unique, became available only after the publication of my book.

Most of these scores are accompanied by textual commentaries of varying detail, but they are not intended to serve as critical editions of the works in question. The audio files are synthesized versions of the scores and do not represent actual performances of the works. These sound files ignore ornament signs and make all appoggiaturas short, placing them before the beat, contrary to eighteenth-century practice.

Most of these compositions are for solo keyboard; the concertos are for keyboard and strings, and one work is a serenata or secular cantata for four voices and orchestra composed in 1758 in honor of King Frederick II “the Great” of Prussia.

F.    brief title                          score            audio file         commentary

13    Polonaise in C                 F13.pdf         F13.mid
22    Fantasia in G                   F22.pdf         F22.mid
25    Two minuets                    F25-30.pdf    F25.mid          F25-30_commentary.pdf
25A Presto in D minor            F25-30.pdf    F25_2A.mid    F25-30_commentary.pdf
26C La caccia                        F25-30.pdf    F26C.mid        F25-30_commentary.pdf
26B L’imitation de la chasse  F25-30.pdf    F26.mid           F25-30_commentary.pdf
26A Bourlesca                        F25-30.pdf    F26A.mid        F25-30_commentary.pdf
27    Reveille                           F25-30.pdf    F27.mid          F25-30_commentary.pdf
28    Gigue in G                       F25-30.pdf    F28.mid          F25-30_commentary.pdf
29    Praeludium in C minor     F25-30.pdf    F29.mid          F25-30_commentary.pdf
29    [same, early version]       F25-30.pdf    F29A.mid        F25-30_commentary.pdf
30    March in E-flat                 F25-30.pdf    F30.mid          F25-30_commentary.pdf
202  Sonata in F                     F202.pdf        F202.mid*      commentary at end of score
*video of performance here at 43:35
42    Concerto in E-flat            F42.pdf         F42.mid          F42_commentary.pdf
44    Concerto in F                  F44.pdf         F44.mid          F44_commentary.pdf
45    Concerto in A minor        F45.pdf         F45.mid          F45_commentary.pdf
—      Concerto in G minor        St174.pdf      St174.mid       St174_commentary.pdf
—      Flute Concerto in D       Bach_WF_flute_concerto.pdf
90    O Himmel, schone           F90.pdf
        1. Recit., O Himmel                               F90_1.mid
        2. Aria, Öfnet, Metalle                            F90_2.mid
        3. Recit., Der Waffen                            F90_3.mid
        4. Aria, Blüht noch Hoffnung                 F90_4.mid
5. Recit., Er siegt                                  F90_5.mid
        6. Duet, Was meines Namens Ehre    F90_6.mid
        7. Recit., Monarch!                                F90_7.mid
        8. Chorus, Heut jauchzet                       F90_8.mid

Pieces without Falck numbers from Vilnius, National Library of Lithuania, MkGrn-7 (for commentary, see the update file for my book, accessible from here):
BR A    title (click for score)            (click for audio file)
50        Two minuets, F / f                    audio file
57        March, F                                   audio file
59        Overture, E-flat                        audio file
101-4   Four chorales                          audio file
105      Fantasia, d                               audio file
106      Fantasia, G                               audio file
107-8   Two allegros, D / d                  audio file
109      Minuet and trio, C / c               audio file
110      Minuet, G, with 13 variations   audio file