Courses Taught by David Schulenberg

The links below will take you to syllabi for the courses listed. Some of these syllabi are from previous years, and others may be preliminary or provisional versions of those now in use. Therefore dates, assignments, and other details may differ from the actual ones for the present semester, but these files will still give you a good idea of what each course covers.

Fall 2019 semester:
Music 102: Introduction to Music
Music 112: Music Theory II
Music 205: World Music
Music 491: Senior Seminar

Spring 2020 semester:
Music 102 (Introduction to Music: special first-year section especially for potential Music majors; this older syllabus will be updated for spring 2020)
Music 111: Music Theory I (this older syllabus will be updated for spring 2020)
Music 246-ILC: Music in Film (this older syllabus will be updated for spring 2020; the course will not be part of an ILC)
Music 400: Senior Reflective Tutorial

Some other courses that I have taught:
Music 291: Music and Poetry
Music 306 (formerly 208): Music of the Late Renaissance and Baroque
Music 308: Music Since 1900
Music 593: Early Keyboard Music
RFT (Reflective Tutorial): Music and Art in Theater and Society