Welcome to Wagner Faculty Sites

Faculty Sites are for faculty members who want their own website highlighting classes, organizations, research projects, or in-depth portfolios. Unlike Moodle, they are public and use WordPress, a flexible content management system. Unlike www.wagner.edu, they are intentionally not branded with Wagner College’s colors, fonts, or theme. The prerogative for keeping the site fresh and current is on the faculty member. The Wagner Web Group will provide technical support and help you learn the system, but the management, look and feel, and content are all up to you.

Why would I want a faculty site??

Faculty sites are an opportunity for Wagner College faculty members to host their own website and control all their content. Instead of conforming to the official Wagner College styles, colors, and layout of www.wagner.edu (where all official departmental and office information is hosted), Faculty Sites allows customized colors, fonts, themes, and content. There are many potential uses for these sites:

  • Class Blog — Set up a space where your students can submit blog posts, comment on one another’s posts, and embed social media clips or multimedia.
  • Personal Portfolio — If the single profile/CV page on wagner.edu is not enough for you, and you’d like to include additional multimedia, expanded research papers, or active writing/blogging on your scholarship, a Faculty Site can provide this space.
  • Research Project or Academic Blog — Build your site around a specific topic you are working on, allowing you to share your current research virtually with other scholars, students, and media.
  • Organization — Use Faculty Sites as a space to host a club, group, or organization that is not an official Wagner College organization. For example, the Atlantic Center for Learning Communities is organized within Wagner College, but involves members and a purpose beyond the College.

Getting Started

 After you request a site, we will sit down with you and run through the basics. After that, you can use our online tutorials for additional help. We will also hold workshops every semester where you can ask all the questions you want and get immediate assistance. If you’d like to discuss pedagogical methods using Faculty Sites, we can connect you with helpful resources.

The Fine Print

You own the content on your Faculty Site, and are fully responsible for managing the site. You may post freely as long as the content is not abusive, profane, defamatory, or infringing on intellectual property rights, in which case we reserve the right to remove content and/or disband the site. Your site is a reflection of you and Wagner College. Remember that the web is a very public space, and people from around the world (or your backyard) could find your site.

You must either own the rights to any external content (photos, video, audio, text, etc) that you post, or it must fall under fair use guidelines. If you find an image online, remember that does not necessarily entitle you to re-purpose it.

Sites must be managed by Wagner College personnel; all users must have a @wagner.edu username and password. The site will be removed if the site owner has left Wagner College, if the content is inappropriate, or if the site is no longer relevant or has not been updated for two or more years. Whenever possible, owners will be notified before the site is removed.