This electronic resource organizes multidisciplinary demonstrations, activities, examples, and images for researchers and instructors who seek to explain racism and reveal white privilege.

Resources for Teaching


Chapter 1: The Invisibility of Whiteness

Chapter 2: Scientific Endeavors to Study Race: Whiteness Is Not Rooted in Biology

Race as Social Illusion, Not Biology
Anthropological Exploration of Race as Social, Not Biology
Eugenics Archive
Health Disparities by Race and Ethnicity
COVID-19 Pandemic Revealed Resource Injustice for Tribal Nations


Chapter 3: Race and the Social Construction of Whiteness

Radio Documentary on the Social Construction of Race
Making Stereotypes Visible
Empathic Communication About Race
Allophilia: Positive Attitude Toward an Outgroup
Critical Multicultural Approach to Cultural Competency

Chapter 4: White Supremacy and Other Forms of Everyday Racism

Racism as Integral to the History of the United States (1619 Project)

Chapter 5: Ways of Seeing Power and Privilege

Decontextualized and Problematic Appropriations
Jane Elliott’s Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Exercise
Intersectionality: Intersecting Identities
Talking to White Kids About Race

Chapter 6: Socioeconomic Class and White Privilege

Privilege Walk
Intergroup Monopoly
Wealth and Latino Advocacy for Civil Rights
Racial Microaggression
Tips for Responding Productively After Unintentionally Committing a Microaggression


Chapter 7: (Not) Teaching Race

Chapter 8: (White) Workplaces

Unintentional Segregation
Identifying Personal Experience With Segregation

Chapter 9: The Race of Public Policy

Affirmative Action and White Privilege
Evaluating Bias in News Reporting

Chapter 10: Looking Forward

Jigsaw Classroom
Responding to a Prejudiced Comment
Confronting Anti-Semitism
Confronting Anti-Arab Prejudice
Taking Action Against Racism on Campus