This electronic resource organizes multidisciplinary demonstrations, activities, examples, and images for researchers and instructors who seek to explain racism and reveal white privilege.

Resources for Multicultural Competence in Teaching

Faculty Guide to Enhance Multicultural Competence in Teaching

Chapter 1: The Invisibility of Whiteness

Chapter 2: Scientific Endeavors to Study Race: Whiteness Is Not Rooted in Biology

Race as Social Illusion, Not Biology
Anthropological Exploration of Race as Social, Not Biology
Eugenics Archive
Health Disparities by Race and Ethnicity

Chapter 3: Race and the Social Construction of Whiteness

Radio Documentary on the Social Construction of Race
Making Stereotypes Visible
Empathic Communication About Race
Allophilia: Positive Attitude Toward an Outgroup
Critical Multicultural Approach to Cultural Competency

Chapter 4: White Supremacy and Other Forms of Everyday Racism

Resources coming soon for this new chapter for the second edition.

Chapter 5: Ways of Seeing Power and Privilege

Decontextualized and Problematic Appropriations
Jane Elliott’s Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Exercise
Intersectionality: Intersecting Identities
Talking to White Kids About Race

Chapter 6: Socioeconomic Class and White Privilege

Privilege Walk
Intergroup Monopoly
Wealth and Latino Advocacy for Civil Rights
Racial Microaggression

Chapter 7: (Not) Teaching Race

Reducing Stereotype Threat
Brown v. Board of Education, Separate Is Not Equal
Resources for Teaching Civil Rights Movement
Nonviolence in Civil Rights Movement
Hate Crime Laws and Statistics

Chapter 8: (White) Workplaces

Unintentional Segregation
Identifying Personal Experience With Segregation

Chapter 9: The Race of Public Policy

Affirmative Action and White Privilege
Evaluating Bias in News Reporting

Chapter 10: Looking Forward

Jigsaw Classroom
Responding to a Prejudiced Comment
Confronting Anti-Semitism
Confronting Anti-Arab Prejudice
Taking Action Against Racism on Campus